Sunday, 17 May 2009

Artist Book Work

These are the first few pages of an artist book i made last year, i really enjoyed the print work and being able to create my own little books by hand. Its something i really like to do again, especially making my own little books, but maybe tailoring it more to children's books and to my own style of work.

Waterstones Book Competition

Here's some work i did for the Waterstones Children's book competition, showing the character studies and the paper spread ideas. These are photos of some A3 images I've done in watercolour and pencil, i really enjoyed doing this work, but i don't think these photos do them justice, in the reproduction of the images. Its the beginning of my work into COLOUR !!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Previous Graphic Novel Work

The Big Black Top Hat
This was a two page spread graphic novel i did last year, which worked out quite well i really like the images, but the text didn't quite work out, it was hard to put so much text in with the images- but it was fun to do =)

Promotional Work and Images

Here are some postcards/handouts/mini book pages/business card typey things that ive put together for professional practise promotional work. Just some basic ideas so far, but they seem to have come out alright, i quite like the tone on the images, but definitely need to work on the addition of colour to my work and designs.

The Wonders of Lisa Evans!

My main influence is Lisa Evans, shes been a great inspiration to me, i really love her style, her quirky imagery and the way that she fits into a niche market of illustration and is quite different to other illustrators. When i was struggling with my style her work inspired me and helped me to get my designs back on track again =)

I love her images of fluffy little animals and how she makes images look so cute and appealing. They really are very lovely images that can drawn in an audience and create an impression.

Emily and the Pooki's

Here's a collection of images i did for the Macmillian Children's book competition this year. The book is called Emily and the Pooki's, about a small girl with both rational and irrational fears and how the two interact and are eventually solved.
Here are pages 1-6