Saturday, 26 February 2011

Happy Birthday!

Possible postcard

Valentines . . . .

Like magic

I really like this one, the stars and the magic, i like to draw things at times that i wish would happen or be real, this one is special.

Surrounded by happiness.

I love animal and creatures :) drawing them always makes me happy.

What if it was real?

I like images with questions that make you think and wonder what she is reading about and hoping about, not just being exactly what you think it is, prompting further thoughts, everyone can take away something different from it.

Where did it all go?

The world of Hannah's doodles

Lots of lovely things

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Some old sketches from the start of my Final Major Project

Here are the starting steps towards the fairytale style images i created for my final project, little sketches and characters and designs that eventually started to blend together into collages and designs and full scale compositions.

Anne Julie Aubry

Another great artist influence Anne Julie Aubry :) lovely girl characters in little setups and surroundings, with animals or objects, i love drawing girls in fairytale type dresses long and flowing with lots of folds and sways so i can do lots of shading :) I find her work really inspiring and it helps me build new ideas and aim towards better looking final designs, she has an etsy shop as well and own website, have a look :)

This is what happens when i get bored at work . . . .

3 little drawings done in pen whilst at work last week, actually turning out pretty good, going to try and add some colour and work them into a collage design :)

Suzanne Woolcott

AMAZING illustrator Suzanne Woolcott from Glasgow, shes a great influence to me, I've been in contact with her several times for help, hints and general illustrator type advice. I love how she draws cute little girls with objects and surroundings similar to the style i go for, again with dark eyes and an quirky look to the images. She's a digital artist, something I've yet to master, but the effect of the work is amazing! She has a blog and an etsy shop :) check it out.