Saturday, 18 December 2010


Another colour image for christmas card ness :)

Pencil Originals

Pencil Originals of current drawings after being worked on with photoshop linear burn,layers, sharpen and contrast.

Seasons Greetings!

Happy Christmas everyone, here's a image ive literally just finished this week. originally drawn out on A3 cartridge paper with a 2H pencil, then scanned and manipulated then re printed on A3 then cloured with pencil crayons then re scanned and finally printed again! Long process but worth it :)

this is a design for a christmas card for my close family, printed and then hand crafted into cards, will post some card pictures soon!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


This is what i did at work over a week period whilst being immensely bored on the phone talking to customers! Actually turned out quite well, i seem to have done lots of Christmas doodles recently, this one ive actually turned into a card.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Colour Work!

Ive got an amazing A3 printer Scanner recently which makes it sooooooooo much easier to do my work because i tend to draw on A3 size yet downsize it and its much easier to scan now and get the right resolution and printing quality so i do loveeeee it!

Still playing about at the moment but hopefully it'll get me moving a bit more, these drawings are a selection from my degree portfolio which id been working on colour wise, i got some great A3 print outs from my dear friends Emily's printer which I've coloured on top with pencil crayon- favourite medium as its precise and i have the most control over it as my work is very detailed. I like the outcome after working with it on photoshop, hopefully the quality shows up, just need to take it further now hopefully building on it more and getting colour incorporated into my designs more.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cousins and Christmas!

Little personal image for my lovely cousin for her birthday, her as a princess character with one of her beloved chinchillas which are soooooo delightful, i do love fluffy little creatures, she loved this so i saw this as a way to move forward doing designs specifically targeted for people and what they like and what they do so its much more personal and means something just to them as well as others seeing it as a good design, Also starting on some Christmas ideas and designs, i really like this one, feel its central and balanced and works well as a finished design, bring on the colour next!

Girlys character images for Family

I decided to do individual images for all my family members for their birthdays which has since left me with quite a back log due to scanner/printer failures!! Here are two examples for my Gran and Grandma, very dreamy, girly, whimsical images great fun to draw and focus on the great detail of the strokes of the pencil work and the flicks and sketches which can add that greater definition.

Some bits of work from Summer

Its been a bit of a crazy time since graduating, i had two weeks at home and a weekend in Ireland then went straight into a full time job at a bank 9-5 which I've been at ever since up until Christmas now!! So busy busy but still getting on with doing some drawing work, these are two card design images for my sister's lovely friends Hannah and Sarah at uni, two birthdays close together, both images aimed at the characters of the girls, these were done in my sketchbook so the paper quality was not best i think the Sarah image turned out better quality wise, yet i still like these two little images.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

BIAD Graduation Degree Shows 2010

Photos from my degree show at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Gosta Green campus, Visual Communication: Illustration.

Great show and a great day and event on saturday midday, lots of family, friends and industry types, everyone's work looked very good and now we all go off into the big scary panda filled world!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Finishing Pages

Covers, title pages and copyright pages for the full 32 page Children's book 'A Dusted Fairytale', the title, hoping to show a different twist on a personal fairytale, which everyone can take something different from in their own way.

End Papers, Title Pages and Page Designs

Selection of images for the endpapers in the pages turning to birds and the title pages and page desings to at the end and start of the book, i really liked working on and designing the endpapers, especially designing little images and compositons to repeat and build in together to several different designs.

Girly Dreamy Images!

Over the series there is 9 full on collage composition images, and a few one off designs which fit into other pages of the book, eg. endpapers, title pages and starting and end pages, plus the title page.

Wonderland Fairytales

Three more finished images from my work so far, building towards a final product of a book, yet could also work in greetings cards and postcards and products etc.

Each image has a focal girl character in the composition, with wonderland building around her and creating magic, whimsy and wonder through the image. I really like drawing the stars and mirrors and hearts and creatures, its what i enjoy the most!

A Dustland Fairytale

Next in the series of images, done on A3 in pencil, then scanned in and manipulated on photoshop using the sharpening device and the layers and contrast of images to bring out the sepia tone.

A Dusted Fairytale

First two images from my new story 'A Dusted Fairytale'
An abstract children's book, with dreamlike images, mixed up with characters objects and settings. A girl is reading a book and shall falls into the story and experiences all the wonder and whimsy for herself, the drawings are like a collage of all different stream of consciousness images which i compose together into a final images, these ones much more free flowing than the previous.

My female inspirations

The 3 key illustrators and artists i have been looking at over the past 6 months are Nicoletta Ceccoli, Suzanne Woolcott and Anne Julie-Aubry. All of them draw girly dreamy characters very stylistic and specific to themselves, they concentrate on girl characters and seem to build a narrative around them. Ceccoli illustrates picture books and one of art pieces, her works are truly beautiful, i love and aspire to draw like them. I find her images different and disturbing yet magical and whimsical, they pull me in. Woolcott and Aubry focus on stationary girl figures, building objects and set ups around them, in different ways and narratives, they both do greetings cards as well.


Continuation of 6 images based on my own little world of drawings in a wonderland/fairytale ish narrative. These are quite tight and composed so i went on to draw some others which are not as restrained and more free flowing. I really like the little objects and how all the designs fit in together forming one big image!

Beginning of the Wonderland style images

First selection of Wonderland style images based on an idea of doing abstract narrative images, with different object,s sections and characters all in a collage together in my own style of work.